Wash With Joe: Coffeemint Body Wash

More about Joe: Coffee with caffeine is starting to get lots of attention for its antioxidant properties when used topically. In fact, research suggests that topical caffeine may offer powerful anti-carcinogenic benefits. A particularly promising study suggested that topical caffeine may also repair UV damage and may prove to be a stronger antioxidant than green tea. Coffee with caffeine applied to the skin is also recognized for its anti-inflammatory and tightening and firming qualities. 

Coffee has natural deodorizing properties that both absorb and eliminate odors without adding any scent of its own (wine tasters use coffee beans as an aid to eliminate scent when testing wine). Coffee has remarkable natural deodorizing properties that absorb and eliminate odors which make WASH WITH JOE™ a super effective cleanser for people with active lifestyles.

Paraben free and certified vegan, Wash With Joe Coffee Mint Body Wash is perfectly suited for both men and women as well as all skin types.

- 16 oz.

Collections: Bath & Body

Tags: body, body wash, coffee, mint

Type: bath & body

Vendor: Wash with Joe

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Wash With Joe: Coffeemint Body Wash

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