Uslu Airlines x SASKIA DIEZ: IXJ Jammu

airport destination: IXJ -- Jammu

country: India

color description: blue with a hint of red, like a sapphire from Kashmir.
bottle content: 11ml

We created a series of three colours of nail polish, each inspired by a precious stone. Beira (BEW) rubies, Bogota (BOG) emeralds and Jammu (IXJ) sapphires. The colours are translucent, like these precious stones are. In the bottle they seem deep and dark, as a thin layer on the nails they become light, like painted in watercolours.

Super Formula: FIVE-FREE. Which means we are avoiding the 5 harshest ingredients (which would be legal and are used by other brands, but we care about your health, so we stay away from them!).

All uslu airlines nail polishes are formulated with highest quality ingredients, filled in EU and are cruelty free: NEVER tested on animals. 

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Uslu Airlines x SASKIA DIEZ: IXJ Jammu

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