Uslu Airlines: ONE - Onepuso

Uslu Airlines creates nail polish as a political statement:


We want Vegas to gamble, Bookies to bet but Bankers to just back business

Frankfurt, London, New York, 05-25-2010. Even as known playas of 3-letter-codes, we have little passion for the DOW, the CAC or the DAX. Also FTSE and HangSeng leave us less than excited. What we do care about however is our uncle Manfred’s purchase power when he takes the cousins down stadium Capetown. Or how much beer we can drink in NYC’s LES on 8 hours worth of work salaried back home…

Those really important values, sadly so, are more and more being influenced by suit-and-tied commission based currency gamblers on the stock exchange parquets. Their mercyless focus on shareholder value and personal boniae hurts mum and pop and you – three 3 letters we do care about!

With the Greek drama as a mere backdrop, the pain is in Paris or Berlin piggy banks today but in Toronto or Bangkok tomorrow… same difference for locusts: this week the € is slaughtered, next month it might be the $ or the ¥. Angie, Nick and the others are trying to limit the damage with half ass laws. It won’t work cause they are local. The only way to end this crime is to eliminate the differentiation globally. Why do we need 200 currencies, if one would do?

One World. One Love. One Money. No matter wether we call the one Krona, Peseta, Deutschmark or even Dollar. One means no more speculation and keeps the gamble in the casino. Just a thought. So think about it.

ONE is a shade referencing the greenback, we even co-pack it with $1 bill… The Dollar is the most likely candidate to start the ONE currency concept with:
- it’s most known and recognized globally, no explaination needed anywhere.
- it’s perfect size to fit in every wallet
- it has the smallest paper bill: a $1 bill reflects about 8 minutes of minimum wage labour while the €5 bill approaches an hour…
- that makes it the most tipable currency (T-I-P are 3 letters we also care about). If you disagree, try to stuff a coin in a stripper’s g-string!
- it looks best.

airport destination: ONE--Onepuso

country: Salmonen

color description: dollar green

bottle content: 11ml

Five Free : No Formaldehyde, No Toluene, No DBP, No Formaldehyde Resin, No Camphor  

Made in the Germany.  Cruelty Free   

Collections: Nail Polish

Tags: green, nail polish, nails, polish, USLU Airlines

Type: nails

Vendor: USLU Airlines

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Uslu Airlines: ONE - Onepuso

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