Uslu Airlines' Collaboration: NYM - Nadym

Uslu Airlines and ACRONYM attack with 2 special ops colours and a custom tactical bag. Nail polishes ACR + NYM come in matte black and army green, the bag impresses with the non-surprising ACRONYM hi-tech well thought usability features. Unisex synergy at its best.

‘The ‘secret brand’ that was the inspiration for William Gibson’s new bestselling novel ‘Zero History’, ACRONYM has been creating high-tech low-profile goods since 1999. Operating out of Brookyn, Berlin, Tokyo, and eastern Europe, you never know where they’ll turn up next… No matter, whatever they do, you can be sure it will be perfectly made, and probably black.’

This time, it’s a bit more than just black. That and the green and the bag are sold in selected uslu airlines and ACRONYM stores worldwide. Polishes go for about 21 each, the bag for 23o. (Euro that is, for the time being or while that currency is still around.) How much you will pay for the whole threesome set-up depends purely on your hustlin skills. Or your math.

We did not have much choice in picking the codes for those 2 colours, but when you read them, you could think the opposite. Trust me, both neighborhoods can safely be expected to be rather unsafe. Even for the more the combatty types. So, get strapped before you check either ACR or NYM.

airport destination: NYM--Nadym

country: Russia

color description: matt black

bottle content: 3.4 oz/100ml

Five Free : No Formaldehyde, No Toluene, No DBP, No Formaldehyde Resin, No Camphor  

Made in the Germany.  Cruelty Free   

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Uslu Airlines' Collaboration: NYM - Nadym

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