Uslu Airlines' DJ & D Jane Collaboration: HUG - Huehuetenango

It took a while and it certainly was not entirely easy to stir up mixmaster Hugo Capablanca‘s nail polish creation. We took hexagon chrome glitters, offered in a hi-end clear coat so one can sculpt a mirrored nail… for the Romains among us: hexa means 6 and Hugo is the fifth DJ to join our selected circle ‘colour of sound’. Makes no sense? So what.
Hugo spins mainly in Berlin, but he picked airport HUG – Huehuetenango in Guatemala to code his polish, clearly matching his tropical tunes and bananamanian fruit obsession…

 airport destination: HUG--Huehuetenango

country: Guatemala 

color description: Chrome Hexagon-Glitter

bottle content: 11ml

Five Free : No Formaldehyde, No Toluene, No DBP, 

No Formaldehyde Resin, No Camphor  

Made in the Germany.  Cruelty Free   

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Uslu Airlines' DJ & D Jane Collaboration: HUG - Huehuetenango

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